Introducing: Haymitch Monday 26 September, 2011

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We’ve got the next pieces of the Panem October puzzle that, if used right, have the power to take you further into the world of Panem. Yes, that’s right! Pieces, plural. We were contacted by Rowan late last night and informed that, to celebrate the fact that there are now 50,000 registered citizens at Panem October, we would be helping him release two new characters. Surprise!

Below you will find Haymitch Abernathy’s Panem ID card, featuring a picture of him looking suspiciously intoxicated. You will also find Buttercup’s ID (apparently, even pets aren’t exempt from Capitol law). Think of their ID cards as trading cards, but 21st century style. To scan them, you’ll need access to a QR reader on your phone. Simply search for “QR” in your app marketplace and you should find a free application that allows you to scan these codes. (A QR code is just a type of barcode.) Once you have that capability, get started!

Every time an ID card is scanned, the Capitol is informed that the owner of the ID is present and accounted for and is doing his or her duty to the Capitol by keeping the authority informed. By scanning Haymitch’s ID, you will be brought to his Panem October profile page and have the option to add him as a friend. And who wouldn’t want to be friends with Haymitch “The Life of the Party” Abernathy!? You can also find Haymitch on Twitter and Facebook.

The same goes for Buttercup. Scanning his ID will lead you to his Panem October profile page. Don’t forget to show the little monster some love on Twitter and Facebook, too!

Note: If you don’t have the ability to scan QR codes, don’t fret! You can still access Haymitch and Buttercup’s profiles by clicking on the links above.

As the Capitol values noble citizens, those who have their IDs scanned by others frequently will receive additional items and special opportunities later in the game. All users will each get their own Panem ID cards when the game begins on October 1st.

Why not start by helping Haymitch out and scanning his ID? He’ll never admit it, but we hear he’s actually a little lonely. Who knows where a Panem October friendship could lead? As for Buttercup, well…you never know when he might come in handy!


The fun doesn’t end here, of course. Additional character IDs will be popping up all over the fandom! Keep an eye on your favorite Hunger Games websites for additional ID cards leading up to the beginning of Panem October on October 1st!

If you haven’t yet had a chance to scan any of the previous five ID cards, you can access them at the following sites:
Katniss – (link also features a written interview with Rowan)
Peeta –
Effie – Hunger Games Examiner
President Snow – Down with the Capitol
Foxface – The Hob
Gale – Crushable
Thresh – Victor’s Village
Prim – The Hunger Games Trilogy Fansite
Cato – Sullen and Hostile
Cinna – Hunger Games Network

The Haymitch poster used in this post was created by the ridiculously talented Alex Lee Heaton.

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(both unaffiliated with Panem October)

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