We’re so thrilled to have representatives from all the top Hunger Games fan sites on our show each week, and we’ve become extremely close with many of them. Please visit their sites and enjoy the spectacular content that they churn out every day!

If a panelist’s name is in red (linked), that means he or she has been featured as a Panelist of the Week! Click away and learn more about these amazing individuals!

Regular panelists:
Down with the CapitolTheresa, Arianna, Shylah, Mary, Flo, Sam, Ellie, Emily, Jessica, Aldrin
Mockingjay.netCrystal (also of
Sam Cushion MusicSam
Victor’s VillageKait, Rebekah, Tiffany
Nerdy, Wordy, and Over ThirtyAriel
Welcome to District 12Courtney and Tiffany

Occasional panelists:
HG Girl on Fire – Sheila, Lindsay, Amie, Amanda
The Hob – Lee, Megan, Gabby, Pauline, Amanda, Jessica, Michelle
Hunger Games Examiner – Sara
The Hunger Games Trilogy Fansite – Kate
Reflections of a Book Addict – Kim
Aim My Arrows High – V.
Starberry Cupcake – Luly
Hunger Games Network – Tanvi, Bailey
My Hunger Games – Kelsey – Lisa Marie, Patty
The Hunger Games Collab/Poor Mad Girls/peenisseverlark – Jenn

Other affiliates:
Panem Ministry of Propagada

Our original stomping grounds:

And of course, the international sites!
Canadian representative Lucas Strong, EstoniaFrance, Germany, Indonesia, Israel, Italy, Panem World, Philippines, Singapore, Turkey