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Thursday 13 November, 2014

First Female Badass to Appear on Elizabeth Banks' 'Ask a Badass'

For the first time, Elizabeth Banks will be interviewing a female badass for her YouTube series Ask a Badass!

Thursday 30 October, 2014

Exclusive: 'Mockingjay Part 1' - 'Peeta' Official TV Spot

Along with some of your other favorite fan sites, we are thrilled to exclusively debut a new official Mockingjay: Part 1 TV spot, entitled “Peeta”!

Tuesday 01 October, 2013

Advance 'Catching Fire' Tickets Now on Sale at Fandango

Advance tickets for Catching Fire are now on sale! Order through Fandango and get perks like a free download of Phantogram’s “Lights” and the chance to win a trip to Hawaii.

Tuesday 14 May, 2013

New 'Catching Fire' Poster Revealed via Instagram

A brand new Catching Fire poster has been revealed via Lionsgate’s official Hunger Games Instagram account!

Wednesday 06 March, 2013

Fansite Exclusive: Beetee's Capitol Portrait Revealed

As one of the Capitol Tastemakers, we’re thrilled to bring you this exclusive Capitol Portrait of Beetee, District 3’s most famous victor!

Friday 22 February, 2013

Lionsgate Unveils New Posters to Launch Victory Tour

Catching Fire publicity has officially begun! To kick off the Victory Tour, Lionsgate just released two incredible new posters featuring Katniss and Peeta!

Wednesday 09 January, 2013

Entertainment Weekly Shares More 'Catching Fire' Stills

Entertainment Weekly has shared more exclusive Catching Fire photos featuring Katniss, Peeta, Gale, Prim, Mrs. Everdeen, President Snow, Haymitch, and Plutarch!

Wednesday 09 January, 2013

Entertainment Weekly Reveals First Look 'Catching Fire' Cover

Big news, Tributes! Entertainment Weekly has revealed their first Catching Fire cover!

Tuesday 20 November, 2012

'Catching Fire' Logo and Motion Poster Revealed!

The Catching Fire motion poster is here along with a chance to get your name in the credits of the movie!

Wednesday 26 September, 2012

Official: Lionsgate Reveals Remaining 'Catching Fire' Cast Members

Lionsgate just announced who will be playing the remaining tributes/victors in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. We now know who will be playing Woof, Cecelia, Blight, and “Mystery Woman”!

Monday 10 September, 2012

Announcing Victory Tour 2013!

The first-ever fan-run Hunger Games convention, Victory Tour 2013, is set to take place next summer in North Carolina!

Friday 07 September, 2012

Official: Jeffrey Wright Cast as Beetee

Lionsgate has announced that Jeffrey Wright will be playing Beetee in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire!

Wednesday 22 August, 2012

Official: Sam Claflin Cast as Finnick Odair

Lionsgate has announced that Sam Claflin will be playing Finnick Odair in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire!

Tuesday 14 August, 2012

Official: Stephanie Leigh Schlund Cast as Cashmere

Lionsgate has announced that Stephanie Leigh Schlund will be playing Cashmere in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire!

Monday 13 August, 2012

Official: Maria Howell Cast as Seeder

Lionsgate has announced that Maria Howell will be playing Seeder in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire!

Friday 10 August, 2012

Official: E. Roger Mitchell Cast as Chaff

Lionsgate has announced that E. Roger Mitchell will be playing Chaff in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire!

Thursday 09 August, 2012

Official: Alan Ritchson Cast as Gloss

Lionsgate has announced that Alan Ritchson will be playing Gloss in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire!

Wednesday 08 August, 2012

Official: Bruno Gunn Cast as Brutus

Lionsgate has announced that Bruno Gunn will be playing Brutus in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire!

Tuesday 07 August, 2012

Official: Meta Golding Cast as Enobaria

Lionsgate has announced that Meta Golding will be playing Enobaria in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire!

Thursday 02 August, 2012

Official: Lynn Cohen Cast as Mags

Lionsgate has announced that Lynn Cohen will be playing Mags in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire!

Monday 23 July, 2012

Official: Jena Malone Cast as Johanna Mason

Lionsgate has announced that Jena Malone will be playing Johanna Mason in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire!

Tuesday 17 July, 2012

Official: Amanda Plummer Cast as Wiress

Lionsgate has announced that Amanda Plummer will be playing Wiress in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire!

Monday 09 July, 2012

Official: Philip Seymour Hoffman Cast as Plutarch Heavensbee

Lionsgate has announced that Philip Seymour Hoffman will be playing Plutarch Heavensbee in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire!

Wednesday 04 July, 2012 Fan Sites React to Jena Malone

The fan sites react to the Jena Malone-as-Johanna news in a piece at!

Friday 20 April, 2012 Fan Sites on Francis Lawrence

Perri Nemiroff of invited the major fan sites (including us!) to weigh in on the news that Francis Lawrence will be directing Catching Fire. Find out what we had to say!

Tuesday 10 April, 2012

We Salute You, Gary!

We were devastated to learn tonight that Gary Ross will definitely not be returning to direct Catching Fire. He will be greatly missed!

Friday 23 March, 2012

'Hunger Games' Breaks Box Office Records

The Hunger Games is breaking records left and right; let’s ensure their box office success continues!

Thursday 22 March, 2012

Sign the GROW Pledge Today!

Every person who signs the grow pledge TODAY (Thursday, 3/22/12) will receive a free electronic copy of Sam Cushion’s Music of Panem (Deluxe Edition).

Friday 16 March, 2012

The Katniss Chronicles Nears the Finish Line!

After launching in November 2011, The Katniss Chronicles will release the final episode of their BRILLIANT unauthorized and unofficial audio drama adaptation of The Hunger Games on Tuesday, March 20, 2012.

Saturday 10 March, 2012

Hunger is Not a Game Launches

This month, as we prepare for the release of the Hunger Games movie, Tributes around the globe are taking action to help fight hunger in the real world.

Wednesday 29 February, 2012

24 Advance Screenings for #HungerGames24!

In celebration of #HungerGames24, Lionsgate has announced 24 Advance Screenings brought to you by Nook by Barnes & Noble!

Wednesday 28 December, 2011

Best 'Hunger Games' Moments of 2011

Along with a host of fan site representatives, we recount the most memorable Hunger Games moments of 2011 in the latest Hunger Games Countdown article at

Friday 25 November, 2011

Adam and Savanna Interviewed by MTV

Adam and Savanna were interviewed by MTV back in May and July (respectively) for two of Hollywood Crush’s fan reaction videos.

Tuesday 15 November, 2011

Fan Sites React to First Theatrical Trailer

We — and several other fan sites — share our initial reactions to the first theatrical trailer in a piece for

Thursday 27 October, 2011

Character Posters: The Fandom Weighs In

In a new piece at, the fandom (including us) reacts to the recently unveiled character posters.

Monday 29 August, 2011

Fan Sites React to Teaser Trailer

In a new feature, fan sites react to the first teaser trailer for The Hunger Games.