*Please note: Our final episode aired on June 29, 2015. Feel free to listen to old episodes and take a trip down Hunger Games memory lane by exploring all of our site archives.*

Who? The Hunger Games Fireside Chat podcast was created in April of 2011 and is hosted, produced, and engineered by Adam Spunberg and Savanna New, two former victors that you can learn more about over at Meet the Hosts. In addition to Adam and Savanna, Fireside Chat regularly features a panel of tracker jacker survivors from fan sites like Down with the Capitol, Victor’s Village and Mockingjay.net, as well as an ongoing stream of other Hunger Games experts with many feats of arena valor!

And, of course, there’s the extraordinary Sam Cushion. Not only did Sam design our logo and help us out tremendously with this site, he also composed the opening theme to our show. You can download it at iTunes here.

What? Fireside Chat is an insanely wild, arena-esque, talk radio-style podcast dedicated to all things Hunger Games. We are the #1 weekly Hunger Games podcast and the only one foolish/daring? enough to do it live and unedited. We chose the name “Fireside Chat” because we wanted our podcast to embody the informal, familiar style of Franklin D. Roosevelt’s series of “fireside chat” radio addresses. We also like that it references fire, given that we were Cinna’s secret assistants when he designed that fire dress.

Where? When not clandestinely scouring the forests of District 12, our online home is found here, at www.HGFiresideChat.com. We’re also on YouTube, at www.youtube.com/HGFiresideChat, and on iTunes! Search for “Hunger Games Fireside” in the iTunes store or go here. Subscribe to either one and the Capitol saves a kitten. (Facebook? Of course! Twitter? You betcha! Pinterest? We’ve got the finest pins in Panem!)

Geographically, Adam and Savanna are proud residents of District 13. Many of our regular participants hail from this region as well, but we are spread out across Panem. Such is the life of a rebel.

When? Listen to Fireside Chat live every Monday night starting at 10pm ET/7pm PT. Our regular show is an hour in length, though we’ve been known to frequently go overtime… We picked that hour because that’s when President Snow goes for his weekly liposuction — thus clearing the airwaves. Our 30-40 minute “special edition” shows, which are scheduled spontaneously, do not take place on a designated day.

Why? We decided to begin Fireside Chat because we sensed the need for an informative, engaging, and fun Hunger Games-themed podcast that fans could follow over the next several years as the movies are produced. We so much appreciate your support. Thank you for listening!

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We’ve also been featured in the L.A. Times, the Christian Science Monitor, the New York Times, at Celebuzz.com, at PARADE.com, on Sirius XM Book Radio, and on ABC’s Nightline.