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Premiere Livestreams
Monday 12 March, 2012

World Premiere Livestreams: Where to Watch!

For those of you who aren’t out in L.A. for the world premiere, there are a couple of different ways that you can watch all the red carpet action online!

Monday 12 March, 2012

#HungerGames12: Win Seattle IMAX Tickets!

To celebrate #HungerGames12, we’re giving away TWO PAIRS of tickets to see ‘The Hunger Games’ in IMAX on opening day (Friday, 3/23) in Seattle!

Saturday 10 March, 2012

#49 Fireside Chat: Highlights

Highlights from Episode 49, including our chat with Andrew Slack about Hunger is Not a Game, Courtney’s L.A. mall tour experience, and our thoughts on the new “pig clip.”

Los Angeles
Saturday 10 March, 2012

L.A. Livestream on Sunday Night!

As you may have guessed by the title of this post and the picture, we’ll be spending the next several days in Los Angeles, California! Join us this Sunday night for an epic livestream event.

HINAG Buttons
Saturday 10 March, 2012

Hunger is Not a Game Launches

This month, as we prepare for the release of the Hunger Games movie, Tributes around the globe are taking action to help fight hunger in the real world.

Thursday 08 March, 2012

TONIGHT: Hunger is Not a Game Launch with Evanna Lynch

Tonight at 7pm ET/4pm PT, Adam and Savanna will be joining the Harry Potter Alliance to celebrate International Women’s Day AND to launch the Hunger is Not a Game campaign.

Twilight Costume
Thursday 08 March, 2012

Midnight Showing DOs and DON'Ts

To help you prepare for what is sure to be the highlight of your year, Perri Nemiroff of Movies.com rounded up the fan sites and asked us to share our midnight showing DOs, DON’Ts, and MUST-HAVEs!