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Monday 29 September, 2014

#132 Fireside Chat: How Things Have Changed

Our love for the Hunger Games franchise may have withstood the test of time, but we have all transformed. The same can be said for certain characters in the story.

Monday 22 September, 2014

#131 Fireside Chat: Trailer Bash 5

In a bombastic return to the airwaves, we do one of our “famous” second-by-second, obsessive breakdowns of the new Mockingjay: Part I trailer.

Books For Tributes Image NEW
Monday 21 July, 2014

Books for Tributes: Ignite a Literacy Revolution

Join the Books 4 Tributes literacy revolution and help put copies of The Hunger Games in the hands of kids across the United States!

Thursday 06 March, 2014

'Catching Fire' DVD/Blu-ray Review & Giveaway

Catching Fire comes out on DVD and Blu-ray tomorrow! Read our thoughts on some of the versions you can purchase and enter to win a copy!

Monday 25 November, 2013

#130 Fireside Chat: 'Catching Fire' Ignites the World

After over a year of waiting, Catching Fire is out for the world to see! We discuss the film in-depth and look at box office numbers.

Friday 22 November, 2013

Exclusive: Interview with Francis Lawrence at Tennessee Screening

On behalf of Hunger Games Fireside Chat, Hunter Phillips attended the Tennessee Benefit Screening of Catching Fire and interviewed Francis Lawrence. Check out his thoughts and video!

Monday 18 November, 2013

#129 Fireside Chat: The Week of 'Catching Fire'

Catching Fire Week is finally here! We offer up a spoiler-free review of the film, sharing our initial reactions and impressions after our Monday night viewing.