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Friday 05 April, 2013

4/5/13: Cool Stuff We Found This Week

This week’s cool finds include a District 12 quilt, McCapitol hamburger buns, movie parallels, and an image that will make you ask: “Real or not real?”

Monday 01 April, 2013

#101 Fireside Chat: Leftovers

We finish answering your questions from last week, discuss some random “news-but-not-really-news” items, and more!

Friday 29 March, 2013

100th Episode Celebration Giveaway

The celebration isn’t over yet! To show our appreciation for you, our amazing listeners, we’ve organized a pretty spectacular giveaway. Did somebody say Capitol Portrait posters?

Friday 29 March, 2013

100 Things to Do Before 'Catching Fire' Opens

Wondering how you’re going to pass the time until Catching Fire opens in November? We have 100 ideas for you!

Friday 29 March, 2013

#100 Fireside Chat: Highlights

Highlights from Episode 100, including our fun AND funny Jeopardy-style trivia challenge!

Sunday 24 March, 2013

#100 Fireside Chat: The Centennial

We celebrate our 100th episode and the one-year anniversary of the first movie’s theatrical release!

Friday 22 March, 2013

3/22/13: Cool Stuff We Found This Week

This week’s cool finds include fan art featuring Fulvia Cardew, Tigris, Cressida, and the prep team.