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Sunday 19 May, 2013

#107 Fireside Chat: Surviving Rocks

We interview the author of The Unofficial Hunger Games Wilderness Survival Guide, discuss the new poster, and chat about Chaff’s hand.

Tuesday 14 May, 2013

New 'Catching Fire' Poster Revealed via Instagram

A brand new Catching Fire poster has been revealed via Lionsgate’s official Hunger Games Instagram account!

Friday 10 May, 2013

#106 Fireside Chat: Highlights

Highlights from Episode 106, including one round of our What’s in the Backpack? game and our answers to a “would you rather” question about sponsoring tributes.

Sunday 05 May, 2013

#106 Fireside Chat: Game Night

We let you know how you can become part of the official Catching Fire book trailer and spend the rest of the evening playing fun games with our panelists!

Friday 03 May, 2013

5/3/13: Cool Stuff We Found This Week

This week’s cool finds include some Etsy goodies, an incredible college project, a Hunger Games-themed Starbucks sign, and a hilariously literal trailer.

Thursday 02 May, 2013

#105 Fireside Chat: Highlights

Highlights from Episode 105, including our responses to a “what if” question about Peeta getting killed and a discussion about how Plutarch Heavensbee became Head Gamemaker.

Saturday 27 April, 2013

#105 Fireside Chat: Unscripted 7.0

It’s time to go unscripted again! We spend the evening pulling serious, funny, and sometimes crazy topics out of our grab bag.