2011 May The Archives

Fireside Chat goes global!
Friday 27 May, 2011

#9 Fireside Chat: The Global Arena

Fireside Chat goes global as we talk to Hunger Games fan site admins and fans from France, Germany, Canada, Australia, the Philippines, England, and Argentina!

Lenny Kravitz is Cinna!
Monday 23 May, 2011

#8 Fireside Chat: It's Kind of a Dystopian Story - Part 2

The infamous “Cinna Episode,” featuring lots of screaming when Lionsgate announces during the show that Lenny Kravitz will be playing Cinna. We also talk to author Ned Vizzini about his contribution to The Girl Who Was on Fire.

Perfectly Prim Goat Cheese (from FictionalFood.net)
Monday 16 May, 2011

#7 Fireside Chat: Cake, Cartwright, and Crackpots

We welcome Woody Harrelson to the cast, wonder whether or not Foxface killed herself, and learn how to make Prim’s goat cheese with the help of Crystal Watanabe.

Fan art by Kate Wheeler
Monday 09 May, 2011

#6 Fireside Chat: It's Kind of a Dystopian Story - Part 1

Video games, prequels, awards, and Wes Bentley’s face are all up for discussion, and we interview fan artist Kate Wheeler about her beautiful work.

NYC Public Library
Monday 02 May, 2011

#5 Fireside Chat: When This Bird Sings...

Is Osama bin Laden’s death equivalent to Coin’s desire for more Hunger Games? We attempt to answer that question and also chat with Leah Wilson (editor of The Girl Who Was on Fire) and famed librarian/blogger Betsy Bird.